Redmen Forever Committee

We are sorry to have to report that because of our love for Natick and its traditional values we have been verbally harassed, defamed, and actually threatened with physical violence.

We wish it were not the case because we have never incited or condoned violence. Too bad those Anti-Redmen, whom we have exposed for what they really are, have not held themselves up to the same standard. 

The lesson here is to never underestimate the depths to which Liberals will stoop.  They claim to be the party of inclusion, love, peace, intelligence and togetherness.  Well, their hypocrisy speaks for them.

The following is a listing of actual comments and threats received by our group and/or posted as comments in various MWDN articles.

8/31/12 MWDN commenter MWSCOMMENTS

''Forever''??  Nonsense. You yourself have already stated when, at the very latest, it will be ''settled''.  If those are the conditions you're imposing, I hope that they're met as soon as possible." ~ referring to our post of "The issue will not be settled until we Redmen die off, which from reading some of the comments on other articles appears to be exactly what a few left wing nuts in this town would be happy to do to us themselves."

7/7/12 MWDN commenter Phil_I

"You make an excellent point. I guess it's time to start killing you loudmouthed bullies off. You know we all know who you are. You've threatened us before. Time to just remove the problem."

"They've been given years to stop, but they refuse. They insist on continuing. It seems to be an extremely simple equation to putting a stop to it once and for all."

"Do they honestly think that they're unknown in the community? They boast that they are NEVER GOING TO STOP. Well, I know of a way that will put a stop to that."

"Sorry - who told you we were looking for a better world? I'd be satisfied stepping over their carcasses ripening in the sun.

I'm not looking for some sort of detante. They've threatened us for years, and have gone out of their way stating that they're never going to stop. Reason and logic gives us a simple and straight-forward solution. It's simple and straight-forward self preservation. They've gone out of their way to show us that they know 'who we are' - well, they going to discover that's a double edged sword.

You don't need to participate. But I strongly suggest you stand back out of the way."

"Stop harping on the Redmen nonsense and stop persecuting your political enemies. Take down the website and just let it go.

You're being given a clear, concise, and easily complied with instruction. Again, you've repeatedly threatened us, and you, your fellow thugs, and your family members will certainly be held accountable.

Again, I honestly doubt that you will comply - at least initially. I suspect that it will take at least one case of 'a tragic example' being made."

More threats to follow after we search our archives.