Redmen Forever Committee

Big Natick REDMEN supporters - Ms. Ann Josselyn (left), True Natick Native American, Princess in the MicMac Tribe, Granddaughter of Chief Pictou, and Ms. Shirlee Johnson (right), Natick resident and proud member of the Penobscot Tribe.

"I just wanted to say that I am not slighted in the least way with the term Redmen.  It brings to me images of strength, courage, integrity, honor and pride.  And if it's the color "red" associated with skin that's upsetting people just think for a minute - Native Amercians are not really red, nor are white people really white, nor are black people really black.  These are just words." 

                                                    - Shirlee Johnson (Shy Wolf), Natick


"I feel compelled to write this letter after seeing what is transpiring over the name Redmen. I am a Mic Mac indian who was raised in South Natick. My family participated in many Natick parades in the late 70s as the Natick Indians. My grandmother was the daughter of Chief Ben Pictou of Nova Scotia who came to Natick seeking a better life.

Part of that better life was walking the streets of Natick and not having to listen to things like, "Dirty ol Injun." Yes, she dealt with discrimination in other areas, but not Natick. And she was proud that the sports teams in town flew the Redmen name. She always felt proud to walk the streets of Natick.

But now you all listen to a bunch of natives who have nothing better to do than scream race and discrace. They are not even from Natick, and they seem to blame you for a massacre that occurred 330 years ago.

Well, I have never met one white person who blamed me for King Phillips war, so as an intellegent Indian, yes I call myself an Indian, it sounds better, I won't be blaming any of you for any massacre, or discracing my race by being redmen.

You should all be Redmen. It's a proud way of life. Stay Redmen!

Rest in Peace Gramma, they can take away the name, but not the pride."

                                                   - Darren V., Natick


Your Support and Assistance are Needed!

1.) Voice your opinion in a letter to the editor of the MetroWest Daily News at e-mail: or by mailing to 33 New York Ave, Framingham, MA 01701

2.) Contact your School Committee at e-mail: or by phone at (508) 647-6500

3.) Contact your Selectmen at e-mail: or by phone at (508) 647-6410

4.) PLAN TO ATTEND School Committee Meetings held on the 3rd floor of Town Hall.  You may voice your opinion during Public Speak.

5.) Click on the Contact Us tab for further information on how you can offer your much appreciated time, effort and donation.

Interesting Reading:

4/14/08 - Redmen supporters from New Hampshire informed us about the following story.  Click on the link below to read how Peter Sanfacon and his fellow Anti-Mascot agitators LOST another attempt to steal away the Indian name and mascot from a school in Wilton-Lyndeborough, NH. The school board rejected their accusations and threats, and decided to keep the name Warriors and associated logo. The students and parents voted nearly 100% to keep their tradition in place. Notably, the one school board member who opposed the townsfolk’s desires was defeated in the next election. As goes Wilton-Lyndeborough, so goes Natick!