Redmen Forever Committee

*** Mission Statement ***

The mission of the Redmen Forever Committee has evolved now to focus on supporting like-minded honorable Natick residents in their attempts to win public office positions within Natick's town governance system;  and in the process to restore Natick to its traditional roots in hopes of providing for a rational direction forward.  We also have not abandoned our efforts to restore the Redmen name and will continue to try to do so "forever". 

Thus we will now make it our mission to restore Natick on a traditional, family oriented, fiscally responsible, and morally straight forward pathway.

We here at Redmen Forever believe that:

"Leftism is a disease of the heart and mind. It is a dangerous and failed ideology that rewards laziness and incompetence, but punishes hard work and success. It is a severely skewed concept of 'fairness' that takes from one and gives to another whether deserving or not. It favors special interest groups over individual liberty. It is the entire opposite of what our founding fathers had in mind. It is a system of entitlements that results in supply causing demand instead of the opposite. It is fiscally reckless and morally misdirected. It says it promotes tolerance and equality, but the result is racism and class warfare. It is a false belief that mankind can evolve for the better and that government can socially engineer a utopia. It is a cancer that spreads if left unchecked."

We know there is a huge silent majority of like-minded Natick residents in town (as evidenced by the 65% majority vote on March 25th, 2008) who share our value system and want it restored.  We shall not fail to save Natick from the Liberal social demolitionists who threaten our beloved town and our way of life.

For several decades now Natick has been heading down a pathway of tax and spend which is damaging our ability to see and find common sense solutions to important topics affecting us all.  There must be a better checks and balances system in this town, and a parity of values reestablished on the elected boards and committees.  Our elected officials must have a vested interest in building Natick's future carefully and responsibly by asking the all important question - "Why?" - and then finding the answers. 

YOU have a stake in this outcome.  If you want to help us restore Natick to a well grounded traditional values town, then please Contact Us and join us.  It is your town - it's time to take it back!