Redmen Forever Committee

May 7th 2008 School Committee Presentation

May 7th Forum Redmen Forever PowerPoint Show

May 7th Forum Redmen Forever Speech

The slides below were presented to the School Committee and the general public at the special hearing on May 7th.  A solution is presented in the final two slides!

A list of those who spoke publicly against the Redmen is provided at the bottom of this page.  These ANTI-REDMEN should be identified for the record, and should be shunned in Natick by those of us who know them for what they are - politically correct fascists.

The following people rose up and spoke against the name Redmen during the public forum held on May 7th, 2008:

  • Mary Ann Hendricks
  • Richard Sidney
  • David Margil
  • David Cann
  • Janet Hirsch
  • Firkins Reed
  • Dennis Barr
  • Paul Zernicke
  • Carol Digit Comfrit
  • Gail Westin Roberts
  • Maura Shannon
  • Joel Barello
  • Doc Miller
  • Kristin Whitman
  • Ted Wynne
  • Jay Ball
  • Reverend John Strand
  • Terry Miller
  • Erin Miller
  • Michael Foil
  • Kathleen Hardy
  • Pam Ellis
  • Lisa Brooks
  • Maria Caradona
  • Heather Walker
  • Rick Pouliot
  • Kim Schmidt
  • Michael Seigel
  • Peter Golden
  • Henry Hoagland