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Welcome - Learn the truth here about the despicable manner in which Natick residents' wishes were ignored, and the honored name REDMEN was trampled under the tyrannical boot of political correctness run amok.

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This website represents our group's collective interpretations and opinions of the public events leading to and following the cancelling of the Redmen team name in Natick in 2008.  Only those individuals who are/were seeking or hold/held political office, or have spoken on the public record in these regards, are described in this website.  

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July 25th, 2021 -- RIP Co-Chair Jimmy Brown

Our Co-Chairman and Co-Founder, Jimmy Brown died 7/20/21 at the young age of 66. Jimmy grew up in Natick and was passionately interested and involved in town politics. Jimmy also understood better than most the dangers that political correctness and cancel culture represented, and he swore to fight it.

Natick has lost an ardent champion. Jimmy was, remains, and always will be a great NATICK REDMEN!

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November 20th, 2016 -- Mary Brown has left the tribe

We are deeply saddened to hear that one of our greatest advocates, Mary Brown, passed away on 11/20/16. Mary loved the Town of Natick, and served it as a Town Meeting member (for 50 years!), Natick police crossing guard and jail matron.  

From the very beginning, Mary understood the slippery slope dangers of political correctness involved with banning the town's beloved Redmen name. She fought  for us with her own blood, sweat and tears.  Thank you Mary, we will miss you!

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May 21st, 2015 -- So many stubborn Indians

Well,  Sanfacon and his liberal hit squad of thought police at NEAMC are still up to their dirty tricks. They're still trying to purge any and all references to Native Americans from high school sports teams. Once they've concurred Massachusetts then it's onto New England, the United States, North America, and then who knows, maybe total world domination (brew-ha-ha).

But wait!  According to a propaganda piece in today's there's still "about 40 high schools in Massachusetts that use 'Indian' mascots, nicknames and/or logos to represent their athletic teams".  Our reaction to this factoid - Bravo brother braves!

We are prominently featured and besmirched in the piece, which is to be expected from a leftist rag like  You'd think they would of had the professional journalistic integrity to have contacted us first for our input in this story.  Ya, right!

Here's a link to the piece if you can tolerate it:

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December 5th, 2014 -- Mary Leavitt - Rest In Peace

We are greatly saddened to hear of Mary Leavitt's passing on 12/5/14.  Mary was a great woman and true Natick Redmen.  She was a life-long resident of Natick, talented student-athlete in the NHS Class of 1952, taught for decades in the Natick school system, and was a superb athletic trainer helping to keep the great Redmen teams of yesteryear healthy and on the field. Moreover, Mary was an outspoken critic warning of the dangers of political correctness and the deterioration of NHS's standards by outlawing the treasured Redmen name.  We will miss you Mary!

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September 5th, 2014 -- More National Exposure (ESPN)

We are pleased to see our cause (your cause) to restore the Redmen name to Natick, and the honor and dignity that came with it, has gotten more national attention.  This time it's compliments of ESPN in one of their Five-Thirty-Eight on-line magazine articles. 

The article stems from the continuing leftwing attack on Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder to cave to PC pressure and rename his team; much the way Natick disgracefully did in 2008. But Synder, and thousands of like-minded Natick residents, continue to hold firm.  As our co-chair was quoted as saying in the article, "We chose the name of our committee very intentionally, very purposefully."

Here's a link to the ESPN Five-Thirty-Eight article:

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February 16th, 2014 -- Visit our 5,000 closest "friends"

To our pleasant surprise we are not the only Pro-Redmen organization in Natick.  For several years now a red-blooded Natick resident has hosted a FaceBook page dedicated to the Natick Redmen.  It can be found here:

Please visit them, share your thoughts, and know that someday we will be the NATICK REDMEN again!

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November 9th, 2013 -- From Mary's pen to God's ear

I'm writing about Natick’s defeat of King Phillip in football, 39-26, on Friday, Nov. 1.

If it hadn’t been for the dastardly vote of the 2008 school committee against our Natick High sports legendary mascot, what a nice parable-like story could have been written the next day. To wit: The Redmen (Natick Indians) helped defeat King Philip (Metacomet) and his warriors (renegade Wampanoag and Narragansett Indians) in 1676.

It took nearly a full year in 1676 to finally defeat Metacomet’s group. Along the way, they killed our heroic Sassamon, nearly killed Ralph Waldo Emerson’s grandfather plus hundreds of men, women and children including the ancestors of Revolutionary heroes Hosmer, Willard and Parker (of the Lexington Green 4/19/75).

Ninety-nine years later, the Natick Indians fought against the British Regulars for independence. In 2013, Natick High’s defeat of King Philip’s team tells us that winning again after 337 years is still sweet, although a bit sad over the circumstances.

All we need now is a loyal school committee to restore our honorable Redmen name.

MARY LEAVITT ~ Natick Resident and Proud Redmen

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October 14th, 2013 -- Deja-Vu All Over Again

We cannot help but compare our disparate struggle to save the Natick REDMEN name with the despicable attacks on the Washington Redskins football team. Thank God the Redskins owner, Daniel Snyder, has more backbone and honor than does the politburo here in Natick. So to paraphrase Mr. Snyder, we say.....

"Like so many of you, I was born a fan of the Natick Redmen. I still remember my first Redmen game. Most people do. I was only six, but I remember going to Memorial Field with my father, and immediately being struck by the passion of the fans all around me. I remember how quiet it got when the Redmen had the ball, and then how deafening it was when we scored. The ground beneath me seemed to move and shake, and I reached up to grab my father’s hand. That tradition mattered so much to me as a child, and I know it matters to every other from the Home of Champions.  IT WAS AND CONTINUES TO BE A BADGE OF HONOR. Natick Redmen is more than a name we have called our sports teams for decades. IT IS THE SYMBOL OF EVERYTHING WE STAND FOR - STRENGTH, COURAGE, PRIDE AND RESPECT; the same values we know guide Native Americans and which are embedded throughout their rich history as the original Americans."

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Meet the Natick Red Hawks' inspiration and namesake.  Somehow we doubt that this proud Red Hawk was what the school politburo had in mind after they banned the name Redmen.  But if the moccasin fits, wear it. 

Is anyone "offended"?  Tough!

Chief Red Hawk - Oglala Sioux
(b.1854 - d.1928)
Fought with Sitting Bull against Custer at the Battle of Little Big Horn

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May 4th, 2012 -- School's "Vote" Gives Us Red Hawks

So after more than half a century of being proud REDMEN, and after four years of being some color scheme, we are now the Red Hawks according to the restricted "vote" of Natick high school students.

Our group's representative called into WBZ Radio and spoke on Night Side with host Dan Rea.  The program was exposing the evils of political correctness in society; so what better example could there be than how the treasured REDMEN name was stripped from us by leftist tyrants in a charade of a process. 

WBZ Radio, whose signal reaches 39 states, conducted an on-line poll on the REDMEN subject by asking:

Was the vote for a new Natick mascot fair?

The results, pasted here, are again crystal clear - the Natick School Committee acted disgracefully in banning the REDMEN name in spite of Natick majority's wish to keep it.

So not only are the 2008 School Committee members known to be a disgrace in Natick, but they seem to be viewed so Nationally as well.

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April 28th, 2012 -- REDMEN still the preferred name!

As you all know by now, a new "vote" of sorts was taken by Natick high schoolers to select yet another politically correct name for our teams.  For reasons that are clear, the name REDMEN was not allowed for consideration because it would have easily won.

However, the MWDN did not censor free speech and listed the name REDMEN as an option in their on-line poll along with the other names considered "acceptable" by the school politburo.

Here are their results:

WAY TO GO REDMEN!  Not only did we win the plurality but we won the absolute majority as well!

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March 28th, 2012 -- ANTI-REDMEN TRIUMPH, AGAIN

So much for trying to keep Anti-Redmen incarnate, Firkins Reed, off the school commission.  She was easily elected and will now control our kids and your tax money for at least three years.  But history is an interesting thing - liberals will try to white wash it to hide their transgressions, but we know who were the prime instigators in the killing of the Redmen name.

Your new school committee member,Firkins Reed.

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Fellow Natick residents, when will the insults end?  As reported below, Principal Rose Bertucci  invited the students to "vote" for a new team name to correspond with the opening of the new high school next year, only to "clarify" her invitation a week later saying that the name Redmen would not be considered.  To quote her clarification:

"I also understand that even if you love a name for perfectly good reasons, when it does become a meaning that offends a portion of society then a thoughtful person would understand the need for change. "

So from that logic, all we thoughtless, racists, uncultured losers can do is bend over and take it again. 

The parallels of this situation - how the students will not be allowed to consider the name Redmen despite their overwhelming support for it, and how the 2008 school committee ignored the wishes of 65% of Natick's voters - are disgustingly obvious.  But that's the town politically correct liberals have created here in Natick.

Is it any wonder that two of the current school committee candidates, David Margil and Frikins Reed, both reemphasized their support for killing off the Redmen name because it offended someone, somewhere, once upon a time? 

Read it here yourself (especially note the comments):


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Yes folks, it's true!  Motivated by several years of continued discontent and disillusionment, Natick students have rallied in support of yet another name change for the high school sports teams.  Apparently 'Red & Blue' did not go over as well as the Anti-Redmen forces would have wanted.  It's amazing what we can learn from our children.

Perhaps this will be justice after all, slow in coming but not too late.  Like the Mighty Phoenix, could this be the "Rise of the Redmen" again in Natick?

See the developing story here:


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December 26th, 2011 -- SPEAKING THE TRUTH....

We found yet another example of the public outrage that still lingers years after the Redmen name and its traditional values were killed off in Natick.  Thank you Mary!

"What I especially wish to comment on is the Tewksbury High School Redmen football team, for making it to the Superbowl at Gillette Stadium. They, and dozens of high schools, have not relinquished their sports teams’ names to P.C.

Natick did not give up its Redmen name either! It was the “non-Natick” school committee, without a whit of school loyalty that took away our Redmen name.

This was from maligners of our Redmen fame. Games once called with Redmen pride now nonsensical Red and Blue.

Oh, tried and true, Natick spirit will outlast you. But, enough poetry. I shall write another letter next year about political correctness."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  


Our never-ending efforts to keep the public informed about the tragedy and injustice that lead to the killing off of the Natick Redmen name has not gone unnoticed by you good folks in Natick.  In the few years since the massacre, several of the worst Anti-Redmen in town have resigned or otherwise withdrawn in shame, just as it should be.  We delight in sharing with you the following:

1.) Good decision Mr. Ted Wynne - no guts after all huh?:

2.) See you later Mr. Dave Murphy - you miserable piece of crap:

Keep in mind all you good folks of Natick that NONE of these Uber-liberal, politically correct terrorists ever went through the Natick school system. Yet they knew better than YOU what name the town’s school teams should be called. We all share in the blame of letting our guard down and allowing the barbarians through the gate. The Redmen shall rise again!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  

 May 2nd, 2010 --  REDMEN EPILOGUE - 2 YEARS AFTER

The Metrowest Daily News did a follow-up story today of the Redmen saga two years after the School Committee initially voted to kill off the name.  You can read it at the following link.

No kidding "feelings remain" from this travesty.  The fight over the Redmen name had little to do with just a school mascot.  See who is quoted, let them know your feelings!  Here's a brief excerpt:

"We were at a crossroads. Do we want to be a more traditional town, respectful of those who made and built the town, who may be of older age and less able to afford to live in town?" Thalheimer said. "Or, go more in a progressive direction, dare I say be a liberal town, and be more like one of the 'W' towns," such as Wellesley or Weston.

 * * * * * * * * * * * *  


It is a dark day in Natick today.  Today, 6/16/09, marks the one year anniversary of the day the Natick School Committee officially killed off the Redmen name.  But at least a few (very few) special interest tyrannists are pleased with their accomplishments:

Peter Sanfacon       Henry Haugland        Erin Miller       Marie Caradonna

(Outside Agitator)       (Ego-centric Lefty)       (Willing Chump)   (Misguided Instigator)     

Look at them.  Aren't they proud of themselves! These people stole your heritage, history and honor when they convinced an overly sympathetic School Committee of the damages and evils caused by the name Redmen.  Pathetic, absolutely pathetic!  Natick slips further off the left wing edge thanks to self-appointed social saviors such as these "odd" characters.

And what about those duly elected School Committee members who voted not once but twice to make amends for Natick's shame?  Least we forget, they included the following:

Henry Haugland     Dave Murphy     Rick Winn    Ted Wynne

Dirk Coburn   Karen Adelman-Foster   Stephen Meyler

Anne Zernicke   Anne Blanchard   David Margil*

(*) new SC member - did not vote but did speak out publically against Redmen

Here is your recent Natick School Committee responsible for killing the Redmen. Get to know them well! Pass along your regards to them if you see them around town. Let them know how much you appreciate their knowing what's best for you and for saving you from the evils of the Redmen name.  They are all guilty of being politically-correct thought police and for leading Natick even further down the slippery liberal slope.  But if you ask them about it, they will simply and proudly proclaim that the Redmen are dead and buried thanks to them! 

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  

March 6th, 2009 --  DO YOU GET IT?

The following blurb comment was found under a Pro-Redmen article printed in the MWDN on 3/2/09 (link to full article below).  In two sentences, this observer, who had not commented before on this subject matter, captured the heart of the issue and explains why so many folks in Natick are still demanding the return of the Redmen name.

"The reason this issue is still simmering is because the name 'Redmen' has been falsely accused and it's the principal of this issue that keeps 'REDMEN FOREVER' motivated to exonerate the name. How powerful hate is when a few people can overpower 50 years of holding the Natick Redmen in honor, glory, esteem, and pride."

This commenter obviously "gets it".  The use of the name Redmen was never a racial issue, was never used in a derogatory manner, and should not have been abused by upset social elitist do-gooders trying to save the world from evil backwards thinking traditional Natick folks.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

January 1st, 2009 --  HAPPY 2009 REDMEN

This past year the voters of Natick became more interested in, and knowledgeable of, the way that Natick is operated. The Natick School Committee deserves most of the credit for this occurrence. The school committee opened the eyes of Natick’s residents to many other issues by disrespecting and ignoring their mandate and eliminating Natick’s Redmen identity. Because of this, as it pertains to the running of Natick’s town government, the voters began to ask the question: Why?

However, it was not only the School Committee that created this renewed interest in the operation of Natick.  There were a number of other town officials that thought that disrespecting the voters was okay. Even though the Board of Selectmen originally allowed the Redmen issue to be placed on the March 2008 ballot, it became painfully obvious that some members of that board were in support of the School Committee’s unacceptable actions.

We have been asked by many individuals to address some additional concerns about the Redmen issue.  Redmen supporters are tired of hearing the argument that the March 2008 vote was only to reconsider the School Committee’s decision to eliminate the name and not to restore it. What a totally ridiculous argument.  Why ask to reconsider an issue if you (or in this case 6085 voters) agreed with it? Also, it has been stated that since there was not a 100% voter turnout, for the election, that the vote has no validity. This comment, made in print, is attributed to a past Natick Selectmen. Reviewing the voter count, when he was elected, revealed that there was not a 100% turnout.  So, using his argument, his election was not valid.

It is interesting to note that voter turnout for the March 2008 town election was the largest for any town election in more than twenty years. Most impressively, the 6085 of us that voted in favor of keeping the Redmen tradition were more numerous, in total, in any single town election topic in more than two decades. Yet, we were all ignored.  What makes this even more difficult to understand is that the School Committee had, and still has, the ability to proclaim that the nickname Redmen is meant to honor the strength and courage of Native Americans, and to further decide that the name would be used in a respectful manner. Instead, the School Committee inflicted its will upon the residents of Natick. Apparently democracy does not apply to the School Committee.

It is imperative that the School Committee does a better job interacting and coexisting with the voters and other town committees.  It is obvious that friction exists even between members of the School Committee itself. For the sake of our children, the School Committee needs to place more importance on the ideas, suggestions and concerns of all Natick’s residents, and stop concentrating on the wishes of the small community of confidants that the committee seems so comfortable with, and apparently indebted to.

With the advent of Natick Pegasus, the actions taken by many town boards and committees are being viewed by an ever-growing voter population. We would like to remind you, that at many of those meetings, there is time set aside so that the public can express concerns and ideas.  We encourage you to attend these meetings and observe, in person, our government in action.

As we begin 2009 with optimism, it is important to continue what we stated in 2008, and hold all of our elected and appointed officials accountable for their actions. We can do this by continuing to ask that all important question, Why? If you would like, please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to ask that question for you.

We pledge, to all of you, to continue our efforts to return the Redmen tradition to Natick.  Your continued help and support is appreciated. 

Godspeed to all of you, and to Natick as well, in the New Year. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

July 21st, 2008 -- Yes the rumors are true!  We have decided to register with the State as a political action committee (PAC).

The decision was obvious to us, especially given the incredible support that we continue to receive from traditional-minded Natick residents who, like us, are deeply frustrated and fed up with the direction that the town is heading.  There is a long overdue need to balance the political opinions and power base within our town.  We see this problem clearly, which was crystallized for all to see when the name Redmen, and the voters' wishes, were disrespected.  As a result we have made it our goal to help restore Natick's future in the "right" direction by supporting like-minded candidates for all positions within Natick's government system.  

Clearly the Redmen name debate was just the flashpoint in these regards, but it has been building for years.  Natick has become a one party, one sided, one minded, one motive type of town, which does not serve our town's best interest.  There are critically important issues facing Natick which the Redmen Committee cares deeply about.  Excess spending, taxes, overrides, a new high school, the senior center, water rates - and the image Natick wants to project to the outside world - are all important issues to the Redmen Committee and those who we can speak for. 

Therefore, we will support and endorse like-minded candidates, expose and speak against those we feel are not in Natick's best interest, and when appropriate, we will present our own candidates for certain key office positions. 

Stay tuned here for more detail as we start to take Natick back one elected position at a time.  Feel free to contact us to offer your thoughts and support at

* * * * * * * * * * * * 

July 6th, 2008 -- Happy Independence Day to all our fellow Natick Redmen! We would have liked to have told this to you all in person if we had walked in the honorable and traditional 4th of July parade, but we were told by those in power that our participation would not be allowed. Yet another example of how the leadership in Natick are pushing this town farther and farther away from our traditional and rational roots.

It is insulting to all of us that the true Redmen of Natick were not welcomed to participate in the parade. There obviously are few, if any, real Redmen on the parade committee. Interestingly it should be noted that the members of the Natick School Committee WERE INVITED to march in the parade but not one of the seven members felt the need or responsibility to do so. CAN YOU BLAME THEM? Why would they want to subject themselves to public humiliation of going eye to eye with the 6085 of us that they disrespected on June 16th by calling us all racists by their vote to scrap the Redmen name.

A veiled excuse for their absence was given. In an article in the MetroWest Daily News, the Chairman of the School Committee stated that the members were out of town. (We have been informed that this was not the case for all seven members). So once again, the Natick School Committee consciously chooses to disrespect the voters and residents of Natick by thumbing their collective noses at yet another Natick tradition. What is their problem with Natick traditions? Maybe if any of them had grown up in this town and actually attended the Natick school system, then they might have felt more of a need to serve Natick residents rather than rule over us.

The Natick School Committee may have made our treasured Redmen name go away, at least for now, but one thing is for certain…they will never be able to make all 6085 of us go away.

It was Redmen then and will be Redmen again! Thank you for your continued support.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

June 27th, 2008 -- The Redmen Forever Committee appreciates the OVERWHELMING support that continues to pour in from Redmen supporters in the aftermath of the Natick School Committee's disgraceful vote of June 16th to deprive us of our treasured Redmen name. We also agree with you that the name Redmen is symbolic of other political and cultural challenges that Natick is now facing from within.

Please be assured that this battle is far from over. The Redmen Forever Committee will continue to work diligently, and with your support, continue the fight to restore the name.  In addition, and more importantly, Redmen Forever will also focus our attention on supporting and electing town officials WHO WILL LISTEN TO THE VOTES AND VOICES of the people of Natick, and not cave to those minority views of people with no ties or investment in Natick. There are other important issues that affect each of us on a daily basis. Our elected officials must address these issues and not kowtow to the wishes of small groups with no residency ties to Natick.

We will be counting on your continued support as we look to the Fall and Spring elections, as well as Town Meeting, in an attempt to TAKE BACK NATICK for all true Redmen.

For continued updates please check this site regularly. In addition, as our supporter list grows daily, kindly e-mail your name, e-mail address, and phone number to so that we can add you to our list of supporters.

And was Redmen Then, and it will be Redmen Again!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Redmen Forever changing tactics

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

A message from the

Co-Chairman of the

Redmen Forever Committee

Closing message 6-20-08


            I would like to personally thank all the true REDMEN that have made this remarkable campaign possible. We were able to accomplish so much due to a great deal of sincere and heartfelt effort.  And even though the Natick School Committee - consisting of Stephen Meyler, Anne Blanchard, David Murphy, Karen Adelman Foster, Dirk Coburn, Rick Wynn and Anne Zernicke - decided not to listen to our collective voices, we all have a great deal to be proud of.  Together we took a stand and refused to allow our treasured team name be thrown on the scrap heap of history due to political correctness run amok.  But the Anti-Redmen agitators found an overly sympathetic, and in fact like-minded, School Committee all too willing to concede the issue in both 2007 and 2008.

            Our non-binding referendum vote from March 25th, which was totally disregarded by the Natick School Committee, showed just how deeply at least 6,085 of us love Natick and the traditional values that built and define our fine town.  That election showed that at least 65% of Natick residents are still desirous of a traditional values system.  But it is painfully apparent that the Natick School Committee is more concerned about individuals who do not even live in Natick than they are about us.  But then again, what would you expect from this group of seven individuals since not a single one of them ever attended the Natick public school system.  They are not Redmen, and I dare say they would say so themselves with arrogant pride.  By their individual and collective actions since the March 25th vote, it is clear now that they had no intention of listening to us or our votes.  They simply believe that they know what’s best for us.

            As a result of the Natick School Committee’s Anti-Redmen vote of June 16th, the Redmen Forever Committee considered ways to bind the School Committee to restore the Redmen name.  A petition drive was considered in an attempt to get a second referendum before the people of Natick, because after all, the name Redmen belongs to you the residents of Natick.  However, the Redmen Forever Committee’s legal advisors have determined that such an effort would have no real impact because even if the voters of Natick decide once again that they want the Redmen name, there is no assurance that it would be implemented.  This defiant School Committee could act to trash the name again and again, so our Binding Petition would be at best only a temporary fix.  This cycle pitting the Redmen Forever Committee and Natick residents against the School Committee could go on ad-nauseum.

            Therefore, the Redmen Forever Committee has decided to hold our efforts in abeyance, at least for now, and discontinue the petition drive and referendum initiative. Our Committee continues to receive advice on means that may be available to continue this all important fight.  You are urged to continue to stay in contact with us as we keep you updated on our website at

            One thing remains certain - there are ways to make our votes count. We turned out in great numbers for that March 25th election.  Question #3, the Redmen issue, received more votes than any candidate on the ballot.  It even received more votes than Question #2, the override, which was strongly endorsed by this School Committee.  What does this mean?  We have the ability to replace any current School Committee member during the Town’s next general election. Remember that in a democracy such as ours, the loudest voices are those that originate in the silence of the voting booth…even if the Natick School Committee does not believe it!

            Thank you again for your continued support.  Please contact me at anytime if you have questions or comments.  And remember:


Redmen Forever Committee 6/20/08


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